increase adsense earnings using adsense for mobile content

If you have website or blog and use Google AdSense for monetize it. You always worry about it that how to increase your AdSense revenue. Google AdSense for mobile content is good way for increasing your AdSense income. Just your need to putting your AdSense code into your mobile website or general website.

Google have separate ad for mobile website and General Website (which generally create for Desktop, laptop and other devices which use general browse for browsing websites.

Google AdSense for mobile is good way to earn money with less competition with other website because maximum website is create only for general browsers.

But you need to some attention for creating website for mobile because Google AdSense for mobile content, support only in limited country at this time.

If you have traffic or visitor from these countries you can easily earn money. Check the below list where AdSense for mobile content is available at this time.

List of country where AdSense for mobile content is available.

Australia Greece Poland
Austria India Singapore
Belgium Ireland South Africa
Canada Italy Spain
China Japan Sweden
Denmark Korea Switzerland
Finland Netherlands Taiwan
France Norway United States
Germany Russia United Kingdom